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Sex and Intrigue Board Game


Get the party started with a delicious evening of Sex & Intrigue at the 'No-Tell Hotel'. Your mission is to solve the mystery of who's doing who as you search for clues. Was it Justin Mebumb and Ann Nalove doing Doggy in the Spa with the Double Dong?


Players use their powers of deduction upon entering a room, then details and sexy scenarios are discussed and ultimately accusations made.


The climax to this clue-filled cliffhanger? The player who solves the saucy secret wins if their conclusions match the cards in the 'Intrigue Envelope'.



  • Sexy take on the classic game of Cluedo
  • Includes board, cards, dice, 8 x characters and stands and detailed notepad
  • Guests at the No-Tell Hotel include: 'Harry Balzak', 'Ty Neadik', 'Anita Hanjaab' and 'Lotta Oozenvaj'
  • Fun and entertaining way of spicing up a games night
  • Adult party game for 2-8 players


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Sex and Intrigue Board Game

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