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How To Choose The Right Material For Your Sex Toy

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

In the landscape of adult pleasure, the choice of material for your sex toy is far from trivial. The many options available (ranging from silicone and rubber to glass and stainless steel) present unique benefits and characteristics and some potential drawbacks. As consumers, comprehending these could make a difference in your journey to pleasure and satisfaction.

Silicone Vs. Plastic: Unveiling The Truth

When it comes to silicone and plastic, the contrast is marked. Silicone, a high-quality material, is lauded for its durability, safety and a pleasing feel akin to human skin. It's non-porous, meaning it won't harbour bacteria and is easy to clean, ensuring your intimate items stay hygienic.

Conversely, plastic toys can often be less expensive but may lack the luxurious feel of silicone. Some plastics can also contain phthalates, potentially harmful chemicals that some people may wish to avoid. We assure our customers that our selection is curated with body-safe materials, so they can explore their pleasures with peace of mind.

Material Impact On Your Pleasure

  • The texture of the material can make a significant difference in pleasure. Silicone offers a velvety smooth finish, while glass can be perfectly sleek, creating varied sensations.

  • Rigidity matters. Harder materials like glass and metal provide firm, consistent pressure that some individuals find particularly satisfying. Silicone and rubber, on the other hand, are softer and more flexible, allowing for comfortable and diverse usage.

  • Materials like glass and metal are temperature sensitive. They can be warmed or cooled for exciting temperature play, adding a new dimension to your intimate exploration.

As a sex toy supplier, we cater to a variety of preferences, helping each customer find the perfect match for their unique desires.

The Art Of Maintaining Your Toys: Material Matters


Silicone toys require water-based lubricants and should be cleaned with toy cleaners or mild soap and water. They can be stored in individual pouches to prevent damage.


Plastic toys are easy to clean with soap and water but can sometimes be incompatible with certain lubricants. Check the product information before use and store them separately to prevent discolouration.

Glass And Stainless Steel

These non-porous materials are easy to clean and compatible with all types of lubricants. However, be careful to avoid dropping them, as this could cause chips or cracks.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, we provide all the guidance and after-sales service needed to maintain your toys in top condition.

Make The Best Choice

At Erotica Adult Store, we believe in nurturing an informed and safe exploration of intimacy. Our range of products and dedicated customer service strives to accommodate every individual's unique needs and desires. Remember, the choice of material for your sex toy is a personal one, so take your time, explore and let your comfort and pleasure guide you.

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