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Wanting a longer, harder penis?


Research has proven that by applying a continuous, gentle pull to the penis,  the body is encouraged to create new tissue in order to relieve the pressure. This principle of traction lengthens and thickens the penis naturally and permanently and without any side effects. The two most important factors that determine how much and how fast penile tissue will grow are the amount of tension applied and the amount of time spent using a penis pump.


Your actual results will be proportionate to the amount of time and traction force, along with total time of treatment you do. Clinical trials have shown that when the device is used for 3 – 6 months significant penis growth was shown. Since every man is different, you will find that your results can vary from more or less use.  


Advantages from use:

  • Risk free, no side effects and pumps are less complicated to use.
  • Cost effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.
  • A non-invasive device that makes it easier to use and less painful.
  • Can be used together with other male enhancement treatments.
  • Can be be used for stimulation.


Care and Cleaning:

  • Clean cylinder before and after use. 
  • Use clenaing wipes to clean control panel.
  • Towel dry
  • Best used with premium lubricant

Power Up Rechargeable Penis Pump

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