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PalmPower Accessories - Palm Body


Designed to Fit with Palm Power Massager

100% Silicone, Phthalate Free, Soft Touch -  2 Pack Palm Power Heads
Palm Finger - Two pointed edges to relax every muscle in your fingers and palm
Palm Curve - Two rounded edges glide over your arm, legs and body for a truly magnificent massage.

Securing a PalmPower Attachment to your PalmPower is simple. All PalmPower Attachments can be used with the both the Original PalmPower and PalmPower Recharge.

1. Locate the “T” shape on the cap and match it with the corresponding “T” shape on the device.

2. Make sure that all other corresponding ridges match on the device and cap.

3.  Press down to secure cap.

PalmPower Massage Wand Attachment - Palm Body

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