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Big John invites you to kick your spurs in his ass and take him to the Rodeo. Alright John! This stud of a male sex doll comes with a realistic detachable penis vibrator and an inviting ass. Hang onto his handlebars, you’re in for a hot and bumpy ride.


Big John is one hot cowboy. With an open all hours derriere and a powerful, realistic vibrator penis, he is a passionate lover always guaranteed to satisfy. Best of all, if you get tired of looking at Big John’s smug face, you can detach his penis and kick him in the corner while enjoying the best part of his charms – 7 inches of insertable, vibrating cock.


Big John is a fine male sex doll, standing at 5’1″ tall and covered with masses of (painted-on) black, curly hair, he is made from smooth PVC with seams with a rubber moulded head and painted features. His hair is moulded at the front and is smooth PVC at the back of the head.


His detachable penis vibrator fits into Big John using a flared base that slides into a plastic O-ring-style slot in Big John’s crotch. Operating with a wired remote which requires 2 x AA batteries (not included) from a low rumble to an intense vibration via a scroll wheel.


Turn Big John around and he has a smooth anal canal which can be used with other masturbators. The canal diameter is 1.5 inches and measures approximately 5.5 inches deep. This is one kinky blow-up doll that isn’t shy in the bedroom. With little coaxing he’ll do almost anything you fantasise about.


John is always a kind, considerate lover who doesn’t answer back. You can take him on a night out 

Big John Male Inflatable Love Doll

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